National Organizations + Chinatown Resources + Prevention Education
Underage Drinking
+ Tobacco Use

For more information about substance abuse, please visit our resources below.

National Substance Abuse Organizations

  • Asian Smokers’ Quitline
    The Asian Smokers’ Quitline provides information about culturally tailored tobacco cessation services at no charge to the caller.  The hotline is funded by the CDC and services are provided in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, and Vietnamese.
  • The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
    Tobacco Free Kids is an advocacy organization that promotes anti-tobacco legislation.  Through policy, they hope to reduce youth access to tobacco products and secondhand smoke.
  • Legacy for Health
    Legacy is known for its innovative work in the field of tobacco research, policy, and public education.  Legacy launched the popular Truth campaign in 2000.
  • Addiction Resource
    Addiction Resource provides those that are looking for resources to help them quit, with the free resources available to them.

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Community Resources in Chicago’s Chinatown

  • Chinese American Service League (CASL)
    CASL offers services like child care, employment training, family counseling, senior services, and financial education.
  • Henry Booth House (HBH)
    Henry Booth House is a nonprofit organization that provides early childhood education, family health services, and social services.

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Prevention Education

  • Prevent. is a free drug prevention resource with tool kits, fact sheets, and guide for parents in English and Spanish.  This organization also provides information about interventions, treatment, and recovery options.
  • Prevention First
    Prevention First provides hands-on training and online resources to strengthen organizations to prevent substance abuse issues in the community.

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Underage Drinking

  • Alcohol Policy Information System (APIS)
    APIS provides a comprehensive list of state and federal level alcohol policies, including underage drinking laws and Blood Alcohol Concentration limits.
  • Alcohol Alert: Underage Drinking*
    The U.S. Department of Health  & Human Services published a guide to underage drinking.  This guide covers reasons adolescents drink, health risks, and evidence-based intervention.
  • CDC: Binge Drinking Fact Sheet*
    Binge drinking is a high risk activity that involves excessive consumption of alcohol.  The CDC has compiled a fact sheet with statistics and health risks resulting from binge drinking.
  • NIH: Alcohol & Health
    The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism compiles evidence-based information that highlights alcohol’s effects on brain functioning across different demographics.
  • Strategies to Prevent Underage Drinking*
    This article appeared in the journal of Alcohol Research & Health.  It explains the various types and components of underage drinking strategies, including school and family based programs.

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Tobacco Use

    Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this site features information about tobacco prevention, policy, and cessation.  Materials from the successful campaign “Tips from Former Smokers” are also available.
  • I Am a Smoke-Free
    The Colorado Department of Public Health has created a guide to secondhand smoke, including an overview and common misconceptions.
  • CDC: Youth Tobacco Prevention
    The CDC has assembled a list of fact sheets, surveys, reports and Surgeon General briefings about youth and tobacco use.

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