Capacity Building

2spf capacity tptCapacity building ensures that a community has the resources and connections necessary to support newly created programs.  This step builds upon the Community Assessment, finding unmet needs in the community data and creating solutions to address them.  Building capacity may involve networking with other organizations, engaging stakeholders, and locating sources of funding .

The Coalition for Asian Substance Abuse Prevention (CASAP) brings together multiple sectors from the community to increase collaboration, build capacity, and reduce underage substance use. These sectors meet quarterly to discuss strategies and current progress.  Sectors include:

  1. Youth (must be under the age of 18)
  2. Parents
  3. Business
  4. Media
  5. School
  6. Youth-serving organizations
  7. Law Enforcement
  8. Religious/Fraternal organizations
  9. Civic/Volunteer group (e.g. Sertoma, Rotary, AmeriCorps)
  10. Healthcare Professional (e.g. doctor, nurse, dentist, pharmacists)
  11. State/Local/Tribal Government agency with expertise in substance abuse
  12. Other organization involved in reducing substance abuse

Current representatives participating in this coalition include:

For information about partnering with CASAP:
Please email Alia Ryan, the Substance Abuse Prevention Program Manager at the Asian Health Coalition, or call 312-372-7070 x228

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