Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart

23 June, 2017| By: Kevin Trieu

Dear Readers,

I wanted to take some time this morning to inform you that I will be leaving Asian Health Coalition and CASAP at the end of this month. My last day will be Wednesday, 28 June, 2017. I really wanted to let you all know that it has been an absolute pleasure of mine to have the opportunity to get a chance to work for CASAP. In my time here, I have seen the organization grow stronger, have such an impact on the community, and also be an influential force for other organizations in the greater Chicago area. I implore you to continue to work to make Chinatown a better, safer place to live, but also to pass on our wisdom and our knowledge so that others may grow stronger, as well. I really, truly believe that the work we do here, can be incredibly special, if we all work together to do it. But for now, thank you all for the help you have been the past two years.

I started adding weekly blog posts on the CASAP website about a year ago. Since then, only on rare occasions would I not post on this website. My predecessors saw this website as a public database for all of our materials, presentations, and meeting minutes. I saw it as more. I saw it as a way to engage with readers and the CASAP community in a weekly way about some topic related to CASAP or Substance use. I wanted to say thanks for everything, readers. For now, the CASAP weekly blogs will be going on hiatus for a while. I am not too sure when the blogs will be back, but when they do, I’m sure all of you will be back as well.
For now, should you have any questions or concerns about CASAP, please contact either Angela Forfia at or Miny Wu at

Kindest Regards,
Kevin Trieu

CASAP Coordinator
Asian Health Coalition
180 W Washington St. #1000
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 372-7070 x230


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