Moderate Drinking Could Harm Brain

9 June, 2017| By: Kevin Trieu


We all know that heavy drinking, can damage the brain. We also know that drinking underage can cause long-lasting to addiction to alcohol. A new British study, suggest that even moderate drinking can have an affect on the brain. The study found that moderate drinkers were three times more likely to experience decline in mental skills than those who do not drink at all.

The long-term study looked at 550 British men and women for 30 years. Average age of 43 and none were alcohol dependent, when beginning the study.

The study found that heavy consumption could lead to the most brain damage, increasing risk of damages of memory and spatial navigation. The study also found that even moderate consumption of alcohol could lead to an increased risk of damages. Moderate consumption is defined as 5-7 servings per week or about 1 per day. Although, it is important to note that light to moderate alcohol consumption does not have any affect and may have some benefits.

The researchers stated that “more research is needed to confirm the findings,” and I would agree with that statement. This is the first study that has found this, so I definitely would like to see more studies to confirm this.

What do you think about the study? Comment down below.

Link to story here.

Link to study here.

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