Update: White House Will NOT Gut Drug Control Office

25 May 2017| By: Kevin Trieu


Two weeks ago, I wrote that it was being reported that the White House would gut the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) by 95%. On Tuesday, the President’s 2018 Budget Request was released, and ONDCP’s Acting Director Richard Baum called DFC Grantees to address the President’s budget for ONDCP. As it turns out, the Office will not be completely cut. ONDCP will be funded at about 95% of 2017 funding levels, meaning a 5% cut in the office budget. The DFC and HIDTA program will see an increase in the President’s budget. Although both SAMHSA and NIH will face a budget cut.

As stated before, both programs are are vital pasts about what we do here at CASAP and by all accounts, should be an easy program to fully fund. DFC emphasizes local communities solving their local problems and HIDTA emphasizes collaboration across multiple law enforcement agencies to tackle the drug supply chain.

Although any budget cut is troubling, CASAP is certainly glad that, the President has seemingly reversed course and funded ONDCP and both programs. This would not have been done without intense backlash from advocacy organizations like CADCA and several bipartisal, bicameral Representatives from around the country demanding that the President reverse course, including some in Illinois. Their support has been greatly appreciated.

CASAP would like to thank the following Illinois Representatives who sent a letter to OMB Director Mike Mulvaney in Support of ONDCP, DFC, and HIDTA. You have some time out of your day, please contact each of these Representatives thanking them for their support. Thank you all for your support of these vital community programs!

  • Senator Dick Durbin
  • Rep. Danny Davis
  • Rep. Bobby L Rush
  • Rep Raja Krishnamoorthi
  • Rep. Mike Quigley
  • Rep Cheri Bustos

What do you think? Comment down below.

Link to the Senate Support Letter here.

Link to the House Support Letter here.

Link to the Story here.


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