Study: Alcohol May Lead to Heart Arrhythmia

28 April 2017| By: Kevin Trieu

A study out of Germany is linking alcohol consumption with abnormal heart rhythms. Dr. Moritz Sinner, assistant professor of medicine at University Hospital Munich, and some of his colleagues decided to test this link between heart rhythm and drinking at a very unscientific place: Oktoberfest. And so they went to Oktoberfest armed with a breathalyzer and electrocardiogram.

Over 16 days, the scientist collected data on BAC levels and heart rates of 3,028 participants. The reception to the study was positive, which surprised the researchers, and they excluded people who were severely intoxicated, as they cannot truly give consent. they average age was 35 and the average BAC was 0.09%. Researchers were also able to find “a profound association of acute alcohol consumption with sinus tachycardia, or increased heart rate with no justification,” said Dr. Sinner. The likelihood of a person would experiencing this was linked to how much a person drank.

The study itself is not very surprising. we’ve known for a while that there is an association between drinking and issues with the heart, but the study does provide data that this is truly the case. Although, one limitation to the study was that, the study was not able to look at the long-term effects that drinking has on the heart; however, the researchers wanted to emphasize that drinking in moderation should not lead to many long term health consequences, but drinking excessively will. If you are an adult aged 21 or over, it is strongly suggested that you keep these words in mind.

What do you think of the study? Comment down below.

Link to the news article here.

For a story on how heavy drinking can lead to aged arteries, click here.


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