Announcing Results for the 2017 Tobacco Reward and Reminder

24 March, 2017 | By:Kevin Trieu


On February 20th, 2017 CASAP trained youth leaders in the Chinatown, Armour Square and Bridgeport area to participate in a program called Reward&Reminder (R&R). R&R is a program designed to see if if local retailers are following tobacco policies and guidelines about selling to underage customers (In Chicago, it is 21 years old.). We surveyed 7 different stores in the Bridgeport community. A team of students and adults would enter a store. Students would then attempt to purchase cigarettes without any ID. If the clerk asks for ID and turns down the student for not having any ID, then the student walks out of the store, and the adult walks up to the counter to give the clerk a certificate and a gift card, recognizing the clerk for keeping their community safe. If the clerk rings up the student without checking for ID, then the student would “forget to have their money” and walk out of the store without having purchased anything. The adult would then walk up to the store clerk and explain what our program is and leave them with a “reminder” of the tobacco laws and ordinances. Never during this process will students ever be lying to the clerk, and we will not be reporting the stores that fail to check the student’s ID, to the proper authorities.

Of the 7 stores that we surveyed, 5 of them refused to sell to our students. CASAP would like to take the time now to recognize these stores:

  • Walgreens, 3000 S Halsted St.
  • Marathon Gas, 659 W 31st St
  • Morgan Repair and Food, 3205 S Morgan St.
  • Gas Express/ Citgo, 501 W 31st St
  • Voss Pharmacy, 3303 S Halsted St

Thanks to every one of these stores for keeping our kids safe.

What did you think of these results? Comment down below.

Link to full press release here.




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