Report: Illinois Failing to Control Tobacco



17 March 2017| By: Kevin Trieu

The American Lung Association released a report called the “State of Tobacco Control.” The report looks on a State-by-State basis on how well each State is fairing on tobacco control. The report has 5 key criteria: tobacco prevention and cessation funding, smokefree air, tobacco taxes, access to cessation services, and Tobacco 21. In 4 of the 5 criteria, Illinois Received an “F” grade. Only in smokefree air did we receive an “A” grade.

The report blames the Illinois State government for the grade, due to the state budget crisis and failing to pass Tobacco 21 legislation. “We know what works, when it comes to preventing and reducing tobacco use…” said  Kathy Drea, Vice President, Advocacy, for the American Lung Association in Illinois.

The report is not surprising in any way. While the City of Chicago has really been on the front-lines of tobacco control and regulation, the rest of the State lags behind. The city of Chicago has the highest combined state and local cigarette tax in the country whereas the State has a tax rate of $1.98 for a 20 Pack. A lot more can be done on this front, and yes, it is easy to live in a bubble and pretend the rest of the state does not exist, but what we should be really doing is taking our successes in Chicago, and sharing/.telling our stories to people in other cities.

What did you think of this report? Comment below.

Link to the IL State Report here.

Link to a Press release on the IL State Report here.

Link to the 50 State “State of Tobacco Control” report here.


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