Dripping: A New Trend Some Kids are Trying

10 February, 2016| By: Kevin Trieu


A new study suggests that as many as a quarter of of Youth smoking e-cigarettes might be trying a potentially dangerous trend called “dripping” which gives users more vapor to inhale and a bigger hit of nicotine. Dripping works when the user places droplets of liquid directly onto the heating coil.  The method also allows users to switch flavors from one to another more efficiently. The concern here is that, the practice of dripping increases the temperature of the device which then might lead to an increase release of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and acrolein. The researchers, however, stress that more research needs to be done.

While, it is widely agreed upon that e-cigarettes are a much safer alternative than traditional cigarettes. More and more times, we are seeing youth, who have never smoked before, try e-cigarettes thinking it’s safer and it will not lead them to addiction. More and more research is coming out however, that youth who use e-cigarettes, still end up developing a nicotine dependence, and this is using e-cigarettes traditionally!

More research needs to be done in order to fully understand the effect of dripping, but in the mean time, community members should be vigilant of their kids using, and as always, remember to talk to them about drug usage.

What do you think about this new trend? Comment down below!

Links to story here and here.



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