Liver Disease Can Happen Pretty Quick

3 February 2017| By: Kevin Trieu

Liver damage can start to begin after a short, brief period of excessive drinking a study states. Researchers studying mice, found that after 21 days of excessive alcohol consumption, mice started to show telltale signs of liver disease. Compared to control mice who had no alcohol, binge drinking mice had 50% more liver triglycerides. Moderate drinking mice and mice with only one binge drinking session, also showed no signs of liver triglycerides. Binge drinking can cause the release of certain enzymes and fatty liver tissues. “Our results strongly suggest that repeated, excessive alcohol drinking, even without alcohol dependence, can cause fatty liver, evidence of early alcohol-related liver dysfunction,” said Dr. Hopf, the study’s senior research officer at UCSF. The study has yet, to look at the long term impacts.

Working in the substance use prevention field, this is not a very big surprise at all. Although, this study was done on mice and not on humans, mice have been used as models in place of humans to study the affect of alcohol for many, many years. The study is a good indicator about some affects of binge drinking on a person’s body. Youth and young adults have a much higher tendency to binge drink, than an adult does. Through our work, and as more studies like this come out, we hope to continue to share information like this, and hopefully, it has an affect on a child’s decisions.

What do you think of the study? Comment down below.

Link to story here.



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