Smoking is Costing the World a Lot

13 January 2017| By Kevin Trieu


Smoking is costing the world a lot of money says a report from the World Health Organization and the National Cancer Institute. Estimates of the cost are at $1 Trillion Dollars and killing about 6 Million annually. The study warns of Tobacco as being not only a public health issue but of a very severe economic one. A lot of money is spent on tobacco by consumers but could be used for healthier, necessary things such as food or a home.

Many tobacco users globally are coming from much poorer background, so the effects of tobacco affect them much more both medically and economically.

In the US, smoking is at an all-time low, but the US is one of a dozen, or so countries that have yet to adopt the WHO Framework Convention for Tobacco Control, which passed the assembly in 2003. The US has been noted to also be behind in things such as adopting more graphic warning labels on their boxes.

While not surprising that smoking causes a lot of economic loss, it is surprising that it costs the world $1 Trillion. It is also very disheartening that smoking disproportionately affects poorer populations more, and it seems to be hard to do anything about it. I have family in Vietnam, and 2 summers ago, I visited Vietnam.  It’s a beautiful country but there was so many people smoking there. Growing up in America, it just seems so unusual to see that many people smoking.

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Link to the full story here.

Link to full WHO report here.



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