Study: Quit Smoking Now, No Matter Your Age.

9 December, 2016| By: Kevin Trieu


A new study revealed that no matter your age, a person can see benefits from quitting smoking. “…participants who quit smoking as recently as in their 60s were 23 percent less likely to die during follow-up than those that continued to smoke into their 70s.” said researcher Sarah Nash, lead researcher from the US National Cancer Institute (quote from article). Nash conducted a six year study looking at the affects of smoking on death. Smokers in their 70s were three times more likely to die within the six year study than those who did not smoke. The study also highlighted that smoking earlier in life, has an affect on someone’s health later in life, which essentially reinforces CASAP’s mission.

This study is nothing new in the Prevention world, but rather is further example of the benefits of quitting smoking. We have known for a long time that when someone stops smoking, they see benefits of that, starting right away. This is also further proof about why CASAP’s work is so important. Death from smoking and drug use are one of the most preventable causes of deaths out there. I think we have an opportunity to really make an impact on this matter, and end drug related deaths in the very near future.

What do you think if this new study? Comment Down Below.

Link to the story can be found here.

CASAP is actually hosting a Informational session of a Tobacco Cessation program, on Monday 12 December at the Chinatown Library from 3-4 PM in their community room. If you are interested in quitting or would like to help someone quit smoking please come to the session.


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