Philip Morris Tries to Put Cigarettes Behind Them

2 December, 2016| By: Kevin Trieu

Phillip Morris, one the world’s largest Tobacco retailers, states that there is a possibility that they could get out of producing cigarettes completely, and move on to alternative tobacco products. Faced with stricter regulations, a growing concern with the health implication of cigarette use by outside entities, and lower profits from tobacco sales, the tobacco industry is looking for new ways to generate a profit. “We certainly see a future where Phillip Morris no longer will be selling cigarettes in the market,” said Mark Inkster managing director of Philip Morris UK and Ireland, who told Reuters.

At the center of Philip Morris’ strategy are devices called “IQOS,” which seems to have no origin to its name, but act very similarly to how an e-cigarette works, by electronically heating tobacco to form a vapor. They are also looking into carbon-tipped vaporizers which look very similar to traditional cigarettes and can be thrown away after use. Other tobacco companies have looked towards alternatives such as “glo” tobacco devices and inhalers. The whole point being to attract different segments of the population with a diverse selection of products.

However, the International Health Community, CASAP included, would like to remind everyone to remain cautious and hesitant to these products. While they may look attractive, they are still tobacco products at the end of the day, and more research still needs to be done on these new products in order to truly vet their benefits.

What do you think of all these new tobacco products in development? Comment down below.

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Link to original article can be found here.



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