In Armour Square, an Opportunity to Grow… Trees

18 November 2016| By: Kevin Trieu

The Nature Conservancy and Morton Arboretum just released a report on the which Chicago neighborhoods have the most amount of tree cover and the least amount of tree cover. They concluded that Sauganash on the far North Side, Beverly, and North Park were the top three neighborhood, respectively, with the most amount of tree coverage. The Loop and the surrounding neighborhoods were ranked the worst for tree coverage with less than 10% of their land covered by trees. Both Armour Square and Bridgeport, which we consider Chinatown, had also less than 10% tree coverage, but the article also stated one area who could benefit most with more tree coverage is Armour Square.

CASAP would love to see Armour Square and Chinatown covered in more trees. Not only would the shade be much appreciated in the dog days of summer, but trees can be a great sight to see in the urban jungle of Chicago, especially in Armour Square with all the connecting highways and roads. Trees can help with mental health and help clean up the air from pollution and cigarette smoke. Also, Chinatown is already a very beautiful place in Chicago, adding more trees would make it much more beautiful.

Having gone to Seattle to visit, recently during the Fall, and seeing a city really push to have as much green space as possible, I think it would be great to see Chicago do the same. There are so many young people that live in this neighborhood, with so many schools around us, and with a lot of talk about violence in the city of Chicago, I think that having trees, can provide a bit of comfort to many kids who are faced with an environment of danger.

What do you think? Comment down below.

Link to full article here.

Link to Tree Report here.


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