WHO seeking to Quit Big Tobacco

4 November 2016| By: Kevin Trieu

The World Health Organization is set to host a Tobacco Control Conference in India, and before it, United Nation leaders are proposing that Big Tobacco stays out.

For the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, many countries such as Vietnam and China send Tobacco industry delegates as part of their delegation. You can see the problem with this as an international conference set to promote tobacco-free lifestyles can be influenced by the companies that control tobacco production.

And boy do they control tobacco production…

China National Tobacco Corp, a state-owned corporation, controls 98% of China’s tobacco market, contributes 7% of the state’s tax revenue, and employs half a million directly and 20 million indirectly. You really can not get any bigger than this.

Since these tobacco companies are state-owned and drive up huge revenues for China,  Government officials are having trouble delivering a message of prevention. With that conflict of interest in mind, we applaud the UN for attempting to ensure that the influences of tobacco profits do not get in the way of the overall health of a country.

What are your thoughts on the UN hopefully banning Big Tobacco Delegates at their Conference? Comment below.

And Congrats Cubs! #flytheW

Full story can be found here.

For a story of a former Speaker of the House joining the Board of a Big Tobacco company, click here.

For a story about the strength of Big Tobacco in Asia, click here. 


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