Some States Tackle Tobacco this November

21 October 2016| By: Kevin Trieu

In addition to choosing local and national officials this November, many states will introduce some ballot initiatives to allow voters to decide whether or not to approve of a proposed measure. Several states have taken on the issue of tobacco and raising the taxes on purchasing tobacco products. Unfortunately, Illinois is not one of them, but I still wanted to highlight the states that are and what they are proposing.

All the states listed here are proposing a tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products. California is calling for a per cigarette tax, ($0.10 per cigarette) and a tax on e-cigarettes, most notably. Colorado is proposing an increase in the cigarette tax, but not on any e-cigarettes. North Dakota is proposing to raise the tobacco tax a whopping 400% from $0.44 to $2.20 per 20-pack.  In Missouri there are 2 measures on the ballot. Both would raise taxes for tobacco products to varying degrees. One of the measures actually has support from the Tobacco industry because of a proposed fee to be collected by Tobacco companies that did not participate in a Masters Settlement Agreement in 1998. Big Tobacco companies like it because it will decrease the market shares of smaller Tobacco companies. Even more interesting, there are some Prevention groups opposed to both of these initiatives because they believe it does not go far enough.

What are your thoughts on all these ballot initiatives? Comment down below.

Source for my story can be found here.

In relation to this post, I looked at the substance abuse policies of certain candidates running in 2016. You can find my analysis for the Illinois US Senate Race and the US Presidential Race by clicking on them.





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