Drugs kill more than Guns and Cars

30 September 2016| by: Kevin Trieu

In recent months and years a lot has been said about the rates of gun violence and deaths in the United States, and especially Chicago. We are constantly bombarded by stories of another mass shooting, another police officer shooting an unarmed African American, another war in some distant land. Very little stories are about deaths by drugs. Very recently have we seen this rising prevalence of stories and a buzz about drug use. Oftentimes these stories are of the heroin epidemic, but even still, drugs take a backseat to bigger headlines like the murder rates in Chicago.

If we look at the data and statistics though, a different picture gets painted than what is portrayed by the media. According to statistics gathers by the Centers for Disease Control, Drug deaths have surpassed both gun deaths and car accidents….. in 2010. It has since continued to rise further widening from gun and car accidents. So why are we hearing about this just now?

I think that the drug problem has never really been talked about because the story isn’t as sexy or juicy as a story about someone being shot in public. Drugs happen in privacy and it is a taboo topic. Drugs happen in the Underworld, and whoever dies because of it, deserved to die because they should have never gotten into that. Gun violence, however, is always a story of another innocent victim stuck in the crossfire. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t some rant against the coverage or importance of gun violence in America. I think that gun violence is an important issue in America, yet numbers never lie. Drug deaths are going up, and gun deaths are going down, and it started in 2010! And nothing ever happens in a vacuum in this world. Maybe it is time that we start talking about this issue…

What do you guys think? Comment down below.

Link to the story can be found below. There are also some really cool graphics and charts that I was not able to show on here, but do check them out.





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