Looking into Substance Abuse Policies: US Presidential Race

16 September 2016

As we get closer and closer to the November elections I thought it would be important to look at the Substance Abuse Policies put forth by a few candidates running for office. By doing this, I wish to help inform you, and by no means is this an endorsement or and opinion piece of one candidate or another. I hope you enjoy the read, and find the article helpful.

For this final piece, we will be looking at the two major party candidates running for the US Presidency: Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. You can find a bio for Donald Trump here. You can find a bio for Hilary Clinton here. Both candidates have positions on substance abuse on their website.

Donald Trump

You can find Trump’s position on the “Drug Epidemic” under the Issues tab on his website. Link to that here.  You are going to have to scroll down a bit to read more into it. There, you will find a 43 Second YouTube video about his issue. Some Highlights (excluding the epic background music): His commitment to “stop the drugs coming in to New Hampshire and in the country by building a wall” and “will make the people that are addicted better” (slightly paraphrasing, sightly direct quote).

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has a whole page dedicated to “Addiction and Substance Use.”  There is a video on that page as well, and most of it, is a story women’s addiction to drugs when she was a teen in what looks to be some sort of Town Hall with Hillary Clinton listening on. Some highlights: she wants to “empower communities to implement programs to teach adolescents about drug use and addiction,” “investing on recovery community organizations to make sure everyone gets treatment,”  “giving first responders access to naloxone,”  and “rehab and treatment over jail time for low-level Drug offenders” (once again, slight paraphrasing, slight direct quote).

Clinton also has a little fact sheet that you can find here.

What do you think about each candidate’s position? Comment down below.


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