Tips for a Fun, Safe, Last Barbecue of the Summer

2 September 2016

This weekend marks the unofficial end of Summer. As you fire up the grill one last time before Fall rolls around, here are some tips that’ll keep your kids safe and Alcohol-free during your long-weekend barbecue.

  1. Restrict Access to Alcohol As a responsible adult, it is important to know where it is you are keeping the alcohol. The best thing to do is to store all of your adult beverages in a separate cooler from your soda, water, and juice. The cooler should be within eye range so that anyone can keep an eye on the cooler. By restricting access, you greatly reduce the chances of teen sneaking a drinking.
  2. Be Vigilant- So you’ve limited where kids can get a drink at your party, and now you can sit back and relax, because there’s no way that they can get their hands on alcohol, right? Wrong! You would be amazed about how creative a kid can be when they want to, especially if they are trying to hide something from their parents! No matter what, always be vigilant of what your kids are up to, at a party. This is also just a good parenting tip in general.
  3. Be a good Role Model/ “Good Drinker”- We hear it all the time at the end every beer commercial. “Always drink responsibly.” This is especially true whenever you are around kids. No matter how much they “hate” you, kids always look up to their parents or those older than them, at the end of the day, and they often imitate and take cues from the adults in their lives, which is why it is so important for an adult to show responsible beverage drinking. Drink too much, and kids will think it is ok to drink a lot. The way you behave after having a few drinks also affects how they may act. For instance, if you’re always smiling and laughing after a few bottles, kids may associate drinking with a good time. Do the right thing: be conscience about how much you are drinking and the way you are behaving around youth!
  4. Talk to your Kids- This last rule goes without saying, and really should not start during your labor day weekend. You would be surprised about how much kids will listen and respect their parents. The most important thing, is building a report with them. You may have to start with a conversation about something that they care about, but show that you truly care about them as a person, and they will care about what you have to say. There is so much research out there about why underage drinking is bad for the teenage brain and the consequences of drinking. Use those to your advantage. Do your research and be prepared to answer some questions.

What are some best practices that you preach when it comes to preventing youth from drinking? Feel free to comment below!

Below are some resources if you want to know more:

Sources that I used:

For more information on underage drinking click here. 


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