Chicago White Sox Chris Sale Talks about Quitting Tobacco

During an interview with the media on 11 July 2016 for the All-Star game in San Diego, White Sox Pitcher Chris Sale (who was the AL starting pitcher for the All-Star game) talked about how Tony Gywnn’s death (former San Diego Padres player) influenced him to quit chewing tobacco.

Chris Sale talked about idolizing Tony Gwynn as a young man. Tony Gywnn died of salivary gland cancer in 2014. Gwynn believed strongly that the cause of his salivary gland cancer was his years of chewing tobacco products. Chris Sale hopes this not only honors the legacy of Tony Gywnn in some small way, but makes sure that other kids do not get hooked on chewing tobacco products.

CASAP applauds the message that Chris Sale is promoting and we love the fact that it is someone from our own baseball team that is saying it. Chewing Tobacco has had a long standing tradition in America’s baseball fields, with players chewing and spitting them out since the 1900s. Because of this tradition, we often see young children, like Chris Sale was, try to emulate some of their favorite baseball players and pick up the habit of chewing tobacco. The effects of smokeless tobacco products, although different from smoking tobacco, are no less safe. Cancers of the mouth, gum, and throats are often the side-effects of using these products. On 16 March, the city of Chicago approved a ban on all smokeless tobacco products inside the city’s baseball fields, including U.S. Cellular and Wrigley Field. The ordinance took effect on 12 July.

Link to a full story and video can be found here.

Sale tabbed to start All-Star Game for AL

Photo Credit: White Sox Official Site




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