More E-Cig Ads=More Kids Smoking Says CDC

In a study by the CDC that should surprise no one in the Tobacco Prevention world, Children and Youth’s exposure to e-cigarette advertising influences whether or not they pick up the habit. If a child sees more tobacco advertising, then that child is more likely to start smoking. The study was published in the journal, Pediatrics. As to the type of media where kids see this? Retail stores, internet, movies/TV, and magazine/newspapers. Most concerning is youth seeing the advertisements online, because that medium has not been regulated as well as other. CASAP has shown during countless occasions, and with support from countless studies, that the advertising used in E-cigarettes are oftentimes similar to the ones used to advertise regular-tobacco cigarettes back in the day.  They oftentimes echo back to the days of the “Marlboro-man” which is why this is so concerning. Cigarette advertisers give off feeling of “sexy, independence, and rebellion” if someone uses their products, but we all know that this isn’t the case.

Much research still needs to be done on E-cigarettes, but the general consensus now, speaks of the harm that E-cigarettes do to someone who has never smoked before, especially young kids. Click here for an awesome info-graphic about the topic.


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