Chicago Raises Tobacco Buying Age to 21

On Wednesday March 16th, 2016, Kick Butts Day, the City of Chicago passed an ordinance that would raise the legal age of purchasing tobacco products from 18 to 21 starting on July 1, 2016. CASAP is proud to support this initiative by the City of Chicago to pass such a revolutionary ordinance. Chicago becomes one of a few handful of cities to raise the purchasing age to 21. Studies have shown that raising the purchasing age to 21 would decrease youth access to tobacco products significantly, decreasing the amount of young kids that would be addicted to tobacco and could potentially save thousands of lives. We know that between the ages of  14 and 20, kids brains become prime for addictive stimulus. Reducing the amount of kids that can be hooked onto Tobacco products is a big win for all of us who know the burden of having someone who is addicted to tobacco and other substances.

CASAP, also knows that our work here is not done, and we look forward to the challenges that lay ahead. More information about the new ordinance, as well as a few other tobacco-related ordinances, can be found at the following link. 


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